Shenavar ring sapphire emerald

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Shenavar Collection: Radiant 0.3 ct White Sapphire Rings

Step into a world of refined elegance with our Shenavar Collection, presenting a stunning 0.3ct white sapphire centerpiece. Complementing the main gem are two delicate 0.01ct side diamonds. Available in various shapes: round (4.5x4.5mm), marquise (6x3mm), emerald (5x3mm), pear (6x4mm), and heart (4.25x4.25mm), each selection promises unparalleled luster and quality.

Crafted with precision, each ring features an 18kt gold back plate adorned with our signature 'C' logo, symbolizing both strength and sophistication. We offer bespoke customization to make your ring uniquely yours.

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